Rab (pronounced [râːb]; Italian: Arbe[1]) is an island in Croatia and a town of the same name located just off the northern Croatian coast in the Adriatic Sea.The island is 22 km long, has an area of 93.6 km2 and 9,480 inhabitants (2001). The highest peak is Kamenjak at 408 meters. The northeastern side of the island is mostly barren, karst, while the southwestern side is covered by one of the last oak forests of the Mediterranean.Ferries connect the island of Rab with the mainland ports of Jablanac and Rijeka, as well as with the neighbouring islands of Krk and Pag.The island of Rab was first mentioned in a Greek source Periplus of Pseudo-Scylax (360 BC) and then by other Greek and Roman geographists by the name Arba. That name belonged to the Liburnians, so far the oldest known inhabitants of the island. Arba was also the name of the Liburnian settlement in the modern city of Rab. It is not certain how old this name is; it may be as old as the settlement, which means from the beginning of the Iron Age, since the Liburnians did not build the city walls on the island. The Illyrian-Liburnian word Arb meant 'dark, obscure, green, forested'. Therefore name Arba should be comprehended ...... find out more about Rab

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