Opatija (pronounced [ɔpǎtija]; German: Sankt Jakobi; Italian: Abbazia) is a town in western Croatia, just southwest of Rijeka on the Adriatic coast. As of 2001, the town proper had a population of 7,850, with the municipality having a total 12,719 inhabitants.[dated info]Opatija is situated in the Gulf of Kvarner in a sheltered position at the foot of Učka mountain, with Vojak peak at 1401 m. Opatija is located 90 km from Trieste by rail and 82 km from Pula by road. The city is geographically on the Istrian peninsula, though it is not in Istria county, but Primorje-Gorski Kotar county.It is a popular summer and winter resort, with average temperatures of 10 °C in winter, and 25 °C in summer. Opatija is surrounded by beautiful woods of bay laurel. The whole sea-coast to the north and south of Opatija is rocky and picturesque, and contains several smaller winter resorts.Opatija is included in the territory of the Liburni, a pre-Roman Illyrian people. In Roman times, the area was home to several patrician villas connected to the nearby town of Castrum Laureana, the modern Lovran.In the Middle Ages the current town's territory was divided between Veprinac (now a locality of Opatija, pe...... find out more about Opatija

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Opatija Travel - Before You Go

Opatija was a great place for a spring holiday, especially staying at the grand hotel adriatic. The spa was the highlight of the stay as it was too cold in the sea but the spa more then made up for... more Reccomended by ivicac on 10.05.2011


Croatia: New life for Opatija, the 'Nice of the Adriatic'

ext month, the Croatian resort of Opatija will resonate to the sounds of a musical event which aims to recall the glory days of somewhere once termed the "Nice of the Adriatic" by the great and the... more Reccomended by ivicac on 10.05.2011


Opatija Travel Guide

Plan a Opatija vacation with reviews, tips and photos posted by real travelers and Opatija locals more Reccomended by ivicac on 10.05.2011


Visiting Opatija, Croatia

more Reccomended by ivicac on 10.05.2011


Opatija Restaurants

his place is by far and away the best restaurant in croatia that we visited, the staff, the setting and the ambience are fantastic. i tried most dishes and the only thing on the menu i didnt fall f... more Reccomended by ivicac on 10.05.2011


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The best place to relieve stress

Opatija is a great destination to visit especially in spring or fall because there are many good hotels with wellness offer so as to want to take a break from a stressful week and "escape" for the weekend, Opatija is definitely a recommendation for Reviewed by ivicac on 11.05.2011


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