Istria County

Istria County (Croatian: Istarska županija; Italian: Regione istriana) is the westernmost county of Croatia which includes the biggest part of the Istrian peninsula (2,820 km2 (1,089 sq mi) out of 3,160 km2 (1,220 sq mi), 89%). The area of the county is called Istra in Croatian and Slovene. The county administrative center is Pazin[3] and the Croatian regional anthem is "Krasna zemljo".The caves near Pula, Lim fjord, Šandalja and Roumald's cave, house stone age archaeological remains. Less ancient stone age sites, from the period between 6000-2000 BC, can also be found in the area. More than 400 locations are classified as Bronze Age, (1800 - 1000 BC), items. Numerous findings including weapons, tools, and jewelry), which are from the earlier iron era around the beginning of common era.The Istrian peninsula was known to Romans as the terra magica. Its name is derived from the Histri, an Illyrian tribe who, as accounted by the geographer Strabo, lived in the region. Romans described them as pirates who were hard to conquer due to the difficulty of navigating their territory. After two military campaigns, Roman legions finally subdued them in 177 BC.With the fall of the Western Roman...... find out more about Istarska županija


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Jure Grando

Jure Grando was a peasant who lived in Kringa, a small place in the interior of the Istrian peninsula near Tinjan. more Reccomended by beso on 19.04.2010


Vampirom mame turiste

Najstariji poimence zabilježen europski vampir zove se Jure Grando i dulje od tri stoljeća noćima je terorizirao mještane Kringe u Istri. more Reccomended by beso on 19.04.2010

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