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More than 1200 islands, islets and reefs rank Croatia among the worlds most desirable boating destination. Beautiful and clean Adriatic sea provides supreme pleasure with all it benefits to all boaters.


Climbing becomes very popular. Nowadays, more and more people are dealing with this discipline. Surrounded by mountains, you quickly forget chaotic and stressful everyday problems. Worries, problems and frustration leave the place for enjoying in beauties of untouched nature.


The most beautiful world sea to a depth of 1300 m, full of rocks and reefs, with numerous species offers to an each diver an unique experience of the Croatian coast. Each dive is a new experience and new relevation of Croatian underwater.


In the near of the big cities, Zagreb and Rijeka, two beautiful ski resorts Sljeme and Platak are standing out. Croatian olympic center Bjelolasica is ski resort wich offers vacation near ski routes.


The first "real" course with 18 holes in Croatia was built in Krašić, opened in 1999. and since named "The Valley of the Cardinal." Golf in Croatia is an ideal way of relaxation and rest, and also provides plenty of fun and competitive spirit.


Croatia as real karst region is reach with caves. The most known and magical si Modra špilja on Biševo and Zmajeva špilja on the Island of Brač.


The bike, by definition, would land means of transportation on human powered. Because cycling is an ideal physical and mental relaxation, while you can discover the wonderful landscapes of Croatian.


Except that is a pleasant time and unforgettable friendship between man and animals, riding offers many treatments for different ages. In many Croatian Equestrian Club, it is possible to live an unforgettable experience whith a beautiful horses and top riding instructors.


First World Champoinship in sports fishing was held in Mali Lošinj since 1957. Croatian rivers and Adriatic sea has a lot lots of ideal destination for all recreations and sports fisherman.


Among extreme sports paragliding has more and more fans. Namely, it's free to fly, or paragliding. Croatia experienced from the air is a special feeling.


Hunting si name for methods and ways for cultivation, protection and hunting wild animals. Croatin hunting gorund are in the most popuplar in Europe, and Croatian cynologists are amongst the most successful in the world in the last 20 years.


Adventures on the most beautiful Croatian rivers. Predicted programs for groups of friends or for family. Unforgettable experience on rivers: Kupa, Dobra, Mrežnica, Korana, Una, Zrmanja and Cetina.


Did you know that canoeing is a centuries old tradition in Croatia? Croatian traditional canoes are called „trupice" and they are used for fishing and transport in the delta of river Neretva.


Croatia has a long and successful tradition of this sport. The most famous competitor was several times world champion and Olympic champion Matija Ljubek. Except the spirit of sport, Kayaking in recent times is the ideal way to discover nature at different way.


Kiteboarding is definitely one of the most water sports today. While you high into the air, to twenty meters draws kite, you scroll by waves on a small tablet. Beautiful Croatian beaches feel even more beautiful and more fun.


Sport is very popular among the younger generation. Ski lifts are compared to riding behind the boat a lot cheaper, and environmentally acceptable. No noise, and releasing the fuel into the sea.