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Hostel  Omladinski hostel Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik

13.9 EUR   -  18.9 EUR
Hostel Omladinski hostel Dubrovnik,
Number of photos: 2
CTG ID: BA00668
The youth hostel resides outside the Old Town. You get there after a 20min walk from the bus station and it takes you 15min to get to the old town via ulica Ante Starčevića, as well.... more

Hostel  Marker, Dubrovnik

Hostel Marker,
Number of photos: 11
CTG ID: DF01401
HOSTEL is a property located on 3 different properties only 20 m from the Sea on the Pile Beach (Old Town), in the historic part, city center of Dubrovnik. HOSTEL MARKER is recently renovated and decorated in traditional Dubrovnik stile(Apartments bu... more

Hostel  Vila Micika, Dubrovnik

Hostel Vila Micika,
Number of photos: 2
CTG ID: CA00848
Our Villa is one of the best solutions for cheap accommodation in Dubrovnik and is an ideal selection for tourists, business people and small tourist groups, as well as modern "backpackers" no matter whether tourist sight-seeing of Dubrovnik lasting ... more


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