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About Us

Dear users,

CroTouristGuide is Croatian travel and tourist guide that provides all relevant information about the Republic of Croatia and its tourist offer.

Tourists, travelers and all other interested users can find all interested information about Croatia and its destinations, find suitable accommodation(through classic examination of add the request on the bulletin board), restauants and interesting sites to visit, get information about traffic, interesting events, news, etc., through a Web portal or mobile device. Also, users are able to create content such as reccomendation of accommodation, restaurants, places that were visited, input their impressions, images of destinations and places that were visited, the recommendations of interesting events, etc. In this way, they help other users to come up with interesting and relevant information.

To achieve the above objective, the portal provides in a simple way to apartment owners, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, the chance of promoting their own deals.

Tourist boards and tour guides in one place can promote their destinations and interesting locations, suggest travel routes that will facilitate the potential tourists stay.


Sincerely CroTouristGuide team