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Destination Krk

Krk (Italian: Veglia) is the main settlement of the island of Krk, Croatia.It is located on the southwest coast of the island and is the historical seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Krk.The city is ancient, being amo......


Destination Slano

Slano (Islana in Italian) is a village in southern CroatiaDubrovnik. Farming, olive-growing, viniculture, fruit-growing, tobacco, herbs (sage, laurel, woodworm), fishing and tourism are the villages chief occupations. Sl......


Destination Čakovec

Čakovec (pronounced [t͡ʃâkɔ̝v̞et͡s]) is a city in northern Croatia, located around 90 kilometres north of Zagreb, the Croatian capital. Čakovec is both the county seat and largest city of Međimurje CountyCroatian county.......


Destination Punat

View a machine-translated version of the Croatian article.Punat is a municipality in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in western Croatia on the island of Krk. There are 1,876 inhabitants, with 91% Croats. The town first ......


Destination Pirovac

Pirovac is a coastal municipality and village in Croatia, formerly called Zlosela, 26 km from the city of Šibenik with a total of 1,846 inhabitants, 97% of which are Croats.The first historical mention of Pirovac was in ......


Destination Rabac

Rabac, (Italian: Porto Albona) a Croatian village in Istria, is a large resort town on Kvarner Bay, just southeast of Labin.The Rabac Festival is an annual electronic music festival that has been held there for many year......


Destination Korčula

Korčula (Italian: Curzola) is a historic fortified town on the protected east coast of the island of Korčula in the Adriatic. It is geographically located at 42°57′N, 17°07′E.The City of Korčula has a total population of......


Destination Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik (pronounced [dǔbroːʋnik], Italian: Ragusa, Greek: Ραγκούσα, Ragoùsa) is a city on the Adriatic Sea coast of Croatia, positioned at the terminal end of the Isthmus of Dubrovnik. It is one of the most prominent t......


Destination Šibenik

Šibenik (Croatian pronunciation: [ʃîbe̞niːk]) is a historic town in Croatia, located in central Dalmatia where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea. Šibenik is a political, educational, transport, industrial and to......


Destination Pula

Pula (pronounced [pǔːla]; Latin: Colonia Pietas Iulia Pola Pollentia Herculanea; Italian and Istro-Romanian: Pola; Slovenian and Chakavian: Pulj, German: Polei, Ancient Greek: Πόλαι, Polae) is the largest city in Istria ......

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