Vȁraždīn (Croatian pronunciation: [v̞âraʒdiːn] Hungarian: Varasd, German: Warasdin, Kajkavian: Varàždin[2]) is a city in North Croatia, 81 km (50 mi) north of Zagreb on the highway A4. The total population is 46,946, with 38,839 on 34.22 km2 (13.21 sq mi) of the city settlement itself (2011).[1] The centre of Varaždin County is located near the Drava river, at 46°18′43″N 16°21′40″E / 46.312°N 16.361°E / 46.312; 16.361. It is mainly known for its baroque buildings, music,[3] textile, food and IT industry.[4] In Hungarian the town is known as Varasd, in Latin as Varasdinum, and in German as Warasdin. The name Varaždin traces its origin in the word varoš, a Hunga... Find out more →