Umag Holidays

Umag (Croatian pronunciation: [ûmaÉ¡]; Italian: Umago) is a coastal city in Istria, Croatia. The city hosts a yearly ATP tennis tournament on clay courts. It is the westernmost city of Croatia, and the municipality includes Savudrija, the westernmost point of Croatia. Umag has a population of 7,769 (2001), for a total municipal population of 13,064 (2001). Like many other towns in Istria, Umag has a multi-ethnic population. Croats comprise an absolute majority with 59.6%; Italians 18.3%, Serbs 3.8%, Slovenes 2.2%, Bosniaks 1.7%, Albanians 1.3% and those regionally declared (as Istrians) make up the final 1.57%.[2] Umag was mentioned for the first time in the 7th century by an anonymous citizen from Ravenna, but... Find out more →