Seline Holidays

Seline is a village in the Starigrad municipality of Zadar County, Croatia. Seline has a population of 455 (census 2001),.[1] The population is by and large Croatian. The town's church was recently refurbished and sits proudly on the main square, Trg Zukve, and is called the Church of Sacred Heart. Above Seline lies the old town of Jabukovac, where according to legend a Croatian convert to Islam by the name of Jusuf, 800 years ago, offered a native girl a golden apple (most likely a tomato in today's language) and she took this apple and was wed to him. Jusuf went on to battle and died, while the child his wife bore became the beginning of the family of Jusuf, which kept their Catholic faith, later Croatianised to Jusup.... Find out more →